We love Vintage.

Product Glance

We believe Vintage is a way of life, not just a chair you bought from antique shop or the cabinet your grandpa left behind. Blend our products to add a touch of Vintage taste to your home as well as your lifestyle!


Classic British Life


Made in Belgium


On Free Tasting


From old ages

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Furniture Glance

Collaborated with Outofstock, it is easy for you to find furniture which helps enhance the taste of Vintage in your home or office. Come and visit Gasset Liberal for inspiration and ideas!

CH20 - Ergo Chair

56(W) x 51(D) x 72(H) cm

CH17 - RMC Chair

70(W) x 76(D) x 76(H) cm

CH10 - Attic Chair

62(W) x 55(D) x 70(H) cm

CH06 - Standard Chair

61(W) x 63(D) x 73(H) cm

Want to check out our latest news and products?


About Us

We love Vintage. Here you will find whatever you need to live a Vintage lifestyle, from Home Decor, Furniture, Living Goods, unique one-off pieces to even Vintage Single Cask Whiskies.

How did Gasset Liberal evolve?

We are passionate about bringing a vintage touch to the home.

Everyone strives to live their lives in a way that reflects their personality and their life philosophy. Gasset was a Spanish liberal philosopher who put forward proponing the idea of Perspectivism. By using his name, we are promoting the idea of perspectivism and encourage our customers to mix different styles and design concepts to create an environment that is unique to them.

When we turn a page of a local interior magazine, we see only flush of modernism and minimalism. Many of us forget our lifestyle design choices should reflect the passing of time and lives gone by. By introducing European vintage-styled products, we hope to share the culture of quality living for all the senses. Why not visit us for a dram of whisky and feel for yourself!